A birthday “yay” – Sun 25th Sept 2016

By | September 25, 2016

Hubbie’s birthday today and I always type this date and then think “argh, three months until Christmas!”, anyway …

The birthday boy has had a good day, a “yay” in that we all went out for a meal, to a place the children are very familiar with and which has booths, to prevent “escapees”.   They always know exactly what they’re going to have too and, apart from something I me yon further down and T wanting to metaphorically click his fingers and get home immediately after he’d finished and getting a tad frustrated when the waiter was a bit tardy in bringing our bill, it was nice, really nice.

Want to see some pics?

The “floater coffee” option on the menu always makes me smile, even if I can’t be a gross mum and say why:

And, on a similar vein, these were well received:

Hopefully, these below will encourage turn-taking, D is mega-excited that there is some sort of mini Tipping Point machine included:

And a made-by-me to go with a present which hasn’t yet arrived:

The only slightly down note today was that whilst I think D will be okay (ish) with the upcoming changes around my op – namely I’ll be immobile for six weeks and hence meals/routines etc are going to be upset big time – I don’t think T will.  He’s interpreted general discussion around it as me “nagging” (and I don’t!) and his attitude is “well, you’ve chosen to have this done, so deal with it”.  It’s an example of just how “black and white, zero middle ground” he is, with very little empathy.  It’s a concern and has the potential to snowball if “refereeing” isn’t swift.  We’ll do the best we can.

The main objectives were achieved today, all getting out as a family and the birthday boy having a good day.

Happy Birthday Mr Bluecrisps! 

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