Rain didn’t stop play – Tues 2nd Aug 2016

By | August 2, 2016

Surprisingly this was the only duck we saw today, twas me at the Thames Valley Adventure Playground.  It’s a wonderfully inclusive place, a place where D can play in soft play, ride a trike or just sit and read a book and feel comfortable.

I can’t deny that the incessant rain meant that the indoor areas were busy today, which, at times, caused our girl some anxieties but, her smile as we arrived this morning said that it was worth the rainy journey.

The above picture is the only one I took, it would have been too difficult to crop other children out of soft play.  

D and her friend (who’s also a D) did very well on the journey home.  We caught a train, after a dicey, busy road crossing and a dash over a bridge and then had a wait to catch another train and then a walk home.  Avoiding escalators and seeking out lifts as D is petrified of them and our modern main station is full of them.  The walks all good for exercise and fresh air, although having a girl who will not use external toilets makes for an urgent walk as she wants to just get home and ….you know.

If you live Berks/Bucks/Hants way, the playground is having a Summer Fun Day  on Saturday:

Fingers crossed for better weather as the outdoor activities are just fantastic.

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