Mixed Bag – Weds 10th Aug 2016

By | August 10, 2016

As the title suggests, it’s been a mixed bag of emotions today.

On the one hand, D’s been a “bit” anxious about a cinema trip scheduled for tomorrow, it’s bound to be busy and we have a walk, then a train, then a walk to the cinema and vice versa, plenty of time for either a happy, skipping-filled walk or an arm-squeezing/pinching, shouty one.

And then, she’s been giggly, giggly as the washing got taken off the line because certajn items reminded her of “Frosty Knickers” from “The Chase” (being white and therefore the colour of ice, apparently).

Later on, stresses as she had a hair wash and wriggles with a quick fringe trim.  Followed by mega, mega squeezes …. gosh, she’s getting strong!

I’ve got my fingers crossed that tomorrow goes okay and that she enjoys the film, she’s opted to see “The BFG”, which is brill as I’m looking forward to it and much of their school work had a Roald Dahl theme this year.

We shall see.

End picture image from swoyersart.com, isn’t it cute?

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