BFG and Bunnies – Thurs 11th Aug 2016

By | August 11, 2016

If you haven’t seen The BFG yet, do, it’s a wonderful family film.

I didn’t know how busy it would be – not very – and, as we were going to a cinema D hadn’t been to before and getting a train there, how she’d be, but she was brilliant and really enjoyed the whole experience (apart from the escalators but luckily a staff member guided us to a lift).

The scenes which came after the image above were the highlight of the film for us, very, very funny.  

There are a couple of scenes which may scare younger viewers but they are over very quickly.

We shall be definitely getting this on DVD when it’s available and as we went with a couple of D’s school friends, it will be a nice reminder and talking point for her for the future too.

And afterwards, we popped into a pet shop and saw these:

Too cute and they were so socialable! 
D has wanted a bunny, or bunnies, for absolutely years but we have resisted because a) we had Guinea pigs and b) we wanted her to realise that pets take some responsibility on her part – helping to feed/change bedding etc.  

During chats this week, it’s become clearer that she has matured sufficiently to – maybe, hopefully – help with care if we did go for it.  

A To Be Continued and a good day! 

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