Banter – Fri 12th Aug 2016 

By | August 12, 2016

Banter, something I wish there was more of in this house.  Remember the Oxo ads with the light-hearted exchanges around the dinner table – and they’re all eating the same meal btw – I’d watch those and think “yes, I’ll have a family one day and we’ll do that”.

The truth is very different.

T loves a bit of banter, on his terms.  An example today was that he was reminding me that the football season was starting soon and wasn’t I going to enjoy it? I replied along the lines of “oh course and just think, if I do have my op (appeal being heard next week) I can watch sky sports news all day and tell you about it when you get home from school”.  Very, very tongue in cheek, which T understood.  D didn’t.  In fact, the banter horrified her (she’s not a SSN gal).

And then a bit later, we were debating potential pet names, which led to a cartoon characters reminisce and some fun as scooby and scrappy doo and all sorts were banded around, which sent D away in tears because she felt we were “too noisy” and she “felt left out”.

It’s so difficult to just have a little giggle sometimes, a little bit of banter.

Today’s back-fired.  Some 1:1 time with D with some (very) general banter wouldn’t.  Life isn’t what you imagine sometimes is it? 

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