A Night Sky – Tues 9th Aug 2016

By | August 9, 2016

One thing I always enjoy sharing on the blog is D’s artwork, she has a couple of calming mechanisms, one of them would seem to be incessantly looking for My Little Pony images – and then taking into every detail of the picture, one by one – and another is drawing.

I don’t ever remember a non-positive drawing by D, I guess for a child whose negative, anxious emotions can arrive and depart very quickly, they don’t manifest quickly enough into a drawing, something I’m grateful about as she’s extremely visually-led and her seeing a negative image would no doubt remind her of the emotions within.

So, this is a drawing she started yesterday and finished today, as always, I love the detail in it:

“A Night Sky”

To the left of the picture is a cave with two treasure chests, one open with a necklace and coins and one closed:

And to the right is my favourite part, the sunflower:

Everything is so detailed, the stars (which she decided made shapes), the tiny flowers and the tree and bushes.

She also discovered that, angling her desk light (which she has on at night), meant the light shone through the back of the paper (don’t worry, the paper and bulb are a few inches away) making it a definite “Night Sky”.

Who says that autistic children have no imagination?!? 

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