A bit of a wonder – Sun 14th Aug 2016

By | August 14, 2016

We had a bit of a successful trip to our local shops today, no mean feat as last time’s was a bit of a nightmare, with D overwhelmed by people/noises/everything.

 Today was, I think, helped by the fact that D had a bag to carry.  A bag that was quite weighty as we had bits to take back, then got light as items were returned, then got heavier after our waitrose trip.  She is always very receptive to weighted sensory aids and maybe it helped her, having something to focus on.  When the bag got really too heavy, Hubbie took over with it and I gave her my handbag (always weighty) which seemed to help.

We popped into Costa (yippee) and at the back, in the corner, were a group of teenage girls.  Laughing together, showing each other their phones, not much older than D.  Part of me had a little mini moment of “I wonder …. would she have been in a similar group this holiday were it not for autism and her related sensory issues?  Would she have taken selfies too?”

And then, back to our table.  We had a few silly moments, D taking pictures of Hubbie and managing to turn the flash on on his phone, us all trying to get into shot, eyes closed or giggling and all.

D can’t pout, she tried.  I’m quite glad actually.  She smiles.  She cuddles.  This isn’t the best shot ever but it’s me and my girl today, together.

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