Worried – Fri 22nd July 2016

By | July 22, 2016

It’s felt like D’s resembled a pressure cooker this week and not just because of the heat.

After from the joyful splashing around in the pool, she’s been a bag of nerves, occasionally spilling over.

We tried a quick trip to the library today as she wanted to choose a book, the same one she’d been reading at school but has had to hand in.  It wasn’t on the shelf and although the library wasn’t busy, it was all too much for D again.

She only relaxed in the coffee shop (me too!) as she’s familiar with it, she knows that the far end of the shop isn’t so busy and the stress diminishes as she sits with her (brought with her) book, water bottle, snack and good old Bunny.

Oh Bunny, she is getting ever fragile but extremely loyal, spending each night tucked into D’s arm, spending the days next to D or in a bag if we’re out, always available for a reassuring cuddle.

Bunny and friends:

D definitely needed a cuddle later on today as she finally told me what had been troubling her, to the point of tears.

She’s aware that her puberty-blocking injections have stopped (thank goodness) and what will happen at some time, but doesn’t know when.

For a child who likes to know items in advance, she’s not happy, that’s an understatement.

But I’m pleased she told us, opened up the subject and it means that the subject can continue to be broached, even though it may be as far away as in two years time.  I doubt it though, she’s showing signs oh hormones regulating and these are no doubt adding to her varied emotions.  That and autism.

We’ll get there.  

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