“Within Normal Range” – Sat 16th July 2016

By | July 16, 2016

That would be me, that was how I was described at a dermatology appointment this week.  I do wonder how individuals can be classed as “within normal range”, when there is no previous results for them.  I was also described as something else, but more of that later.

Take iron, for example, the “normal range” for a ferritin level is between (don’t quote me, this is from memory) 9 and 300, mine was 48, which is an improvement on my last test of 22 (January 2015) but still low, for a woman who isn’t menopausal etc.  In fact, at my last dermatology appointment, I was told it should be in the 200’s but because I’m “within normal range” this time, it’s “okay”.

That’s the only test I had a previous result for, everything else – thyroid, immune system and something else I can’t remember – was “normal”.

Anyway, it’s something that’s been occupying my brain a bit and maybe someone reading this has had similar?

A couple of years ago, I crushed my nails on one hand, between the springs and frame of a trampoline we were putting up.  It wasn’t pleasant and I knew that I’d done some damage.

Ever since then, my nails on that hand have been rubbish.  They grow, splitting and damaged to about half way and then, because I have no nail beds, they break and hurt.  I’ve also got no cuticles.   Shellac covers them and offers protection, but, it doesn’t solve it.  I’ve tried viviscal, chemists branded tablets for nails, immune system boosting stuff – you name it.  I’ve also got no feeling in two finger tips, it all says “trampoline damage” to me but the consultant wants to find a medical reason.

The complication also is that I was on tablets from January 2015 to the August for depression and sleeping tablets from January 2015 to June 2016, I’ve stopped them due to the potential foot operation. There’s also intermittent flucloxacillin for my leg.  So ….. that may have all contributed to my soul feeling happier but my innards suffering – and not letting my nails grow, who knows?  I can’t use Shellac for the foreseeable as it would all have to come off if my op happens.

There is also another side-effect we discussed which I’m not sharing at the moment.

Anyway, as well as being “within normal ranges”, I’ve baffled the dermatology consultant and, according to him, my nails are “abnormal but interesting”.  Nothing like boosting someone’s ego, eh?

They also took photos last week and I’ve been invited along to a teaching class so that students can have a good look and offer suggestions.  I’m trying not to feel like a bit of a freak show and think “yes, maybe someone can suggest something”.  That’s assuming that I’m not in mid op recovery by then (October) and can walk(!).

All the op uncertainty, coupled with the fact that T and D haven’t got on or tolerated each other today and my bruised ego made for a little cry today.   I’m hoping that by “blogging it out”, I can feel a bit less “freak show” and look forward to the next few weeks, whatever they bring.

What is “normal” anyway?!? 

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