Whistling – Sat 2nd July 2016

By | July 2, 2016

We’ve had a calm, whistling D today after – as she called it – “the best week ever at school”, it having been Proms week.

One of the benefits of her learning to play the flute has been the fact that she now seems able to be able whistle in tune and they are recognisable tunes too!  She is currently whistling “Where is Love?” from Oliver in the bath! 

There was a time when she didn’t have the co-ordination to puff out birthday candles on a cake so, to hear her whistle, is rather nice.  The fact that it’s now tuneful-ish makes it easier on the ears when she is literally whistling all day.

I’m glad she’s had a calm one, a chance to recharge her little batteries.  

Tomorrow we’ll start to talk about her week ahead, which includes a Panathlon swimming final.  She has been anxious every time it’s been mentioned so far, so another reason to be grateful that it’s not been on her mind today.

An additional potential issue is that her swimming falls on the day that some schools are shut for the teachers strike – T’s amongst them – so that will have an impact on her morning, with the changes that T being home will bring to her routine.

For now, though, I’m glad – after a busy week at school – that she’s had a good day.

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