We were Wonder Pets – Weds 27th July 2016

By | July 27, 2016

Lovely memories brought back today for D, who remembers the Wonder Pets?

Good old Linny (Guinea pig), Tuck (Turtle) and Ming Ming (Duck)! D was absolutely obessesed with them and the programme from about the age of 3 and we could not go anywhere without her carrying her little hardback Wonder Pets book, it’s a bit battered now but something to look back at and use as a conversation point.

The Wonder Pets, if you hadn’t heard of them, went on missions to save various animals, emphasising teamwork was the way to go.  Their rather “catchy” theme song is here.

Anyway, D and I had a “Wonder Pet” moment or three today as we saved a few bees.  It’s great having the paddling pool out but, as we have loads and loads of butterfly and bee friendly buddleia in the garden, we run the risk of bees going for an unfortunate swim.

So, we’ve made like Wonder Pets, fishing out the (three) bees with a net and letting them dry out next to some buddleia.  It worked every time and they’d soon liven up, have a buddleia snack and then buzz off, luckily not blaming us for their swim.

It was a chance to explain to D just about important bees are in the pollenation of fruit and veg as well as flowers.

She enjoyed singing the Wonder Pets song too.

There was a “Wonder Pets Save The Bee” but I couldn’t find a link, so some pictures instead.

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