Themed week – Weds 13th July 2016

By | July 13, 2016

D’s school had a French themed week last week and more of her work came home from school today.

It was a surprise to see her school books as I can only remember one year’s being sent home previously in the six years she’s been at SN school, very nice to look through.

One aspect that has shone out is D’s handwriting, she had told us that she’s been trying to do joined-up writing at school and, for a child who admits she finds writing “hard work”, we were mega proud to see this:

There was also a task to design a Tour de France jersey and her “…without crashing into other people or falling off the bike…” note made us smile:

And another example of a differing craft method, something which I’m hoping – after a trip to Hobbycraft – we can build on over the summer:

I’d been feeling a bit down today as today would have been my operation day if the funding hadn’t been refused so, some brill work from our D was a lovely tonic! 

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