The Elusive T – Tues 26th July 2016

By | July 26, 2016

*knocks and waves* Hello! I really don’t know if this will publish or get lost somewhere in the ether as the blog is really misbehaving at the moment.  It either refuses to schedule or won’t let me in at all, hence nothing yesterday.

Anyway, I hope this does as this happened yesterday:

Our T.  He does not like having his picture taken but as this was for his football team card, it had to be done.

That hint of a smile is pure T.  He’s a homebody in the school holidays, preferring to stay within the house and garden.  

It can feel frustrating when there is so much out there, beyond our fence but I have to remind myself just how intense the school day is for him, starting and ending with a (no doubt) noisy school bus.

He’s got his chosen subjects for exams from September and that, together with his continued football, will certainly drain him both emotionally and physically.

A bonus so far this school holiday is that T is eating lunch, he’d very rarely eat any of his packed lunch at school and he’s tucking in – okay, it’s his usual limited lunch every day – but I’m sneaking in Actimel drinks and home-grown blueberries, if the Guinea pig doesn’t get first dibs (the berries, not the drink, that would be messy)!

There are times (frequently) when he and D have glaring contests, when he knows that he can provoke emotions in his sister with a withering look and a “oh my” in her direction but there are also times when he will giggle until he gets hiccups, which both annoys him and makes him laugh more.

We always say he’s 14 going on 44 and he is, his high-functioning element means that his brain is ever-thinking, ever-challenging but his lack of social skills and inability to “read” others means that school was problematic for the last few weeks of term.  

But for now, he’s comfortable in his little world of sanctuary.  He knows we’re proud of him and we are.

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Karen Sellers on 26th July 2016 at 8:17 pm.

The good news is it published and I’m reading it!
What a good looking young man T is. Been a while since I saw a pic. We have one who would rather stay in 24/7 in the holidays, or rather, we did, until PokemonGo was downloaded to his dad’s phone, and now if he’s behaved decently during the day, he gets half an hour to roam our little village in search of new critters to catch. I’m astounded. Perhaps T will one day find something to lure him out the door. You never know xx


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