Splashes and Smiles – Mon 18th July 2016

By | July 18, 2016

Sums up our day perfectly.

A mega warm day has meant plenty of pool play for D and rather a lot of splashing, I don’t need to water the garden tonight! 

Our girl – who hates having a hair wash but will happily get absolutely soaked in the pool and with the sprinkler on her – has enjoyed the first day of the school holidays.

T even ventured outside for a while and as he becomes very much a homebody in the holidays, it’s tricky to get him in the garden, let alone beyond the boundary fences.

And our first blueberries of the summer:

There’s never many and they’re all gone within a couple of weeks but it’s nice for the children to see the fruit cycle in the garden (pears and blackberries too, we have a peach tree but it doesn’t perform) even if they don’t necessarily eat the end result.  T eats the blueberries/blackberries , but not pears, D none of them. 

The only moment of potential gloom were glares engaged between the children and a spell of refereeing on my part.

Tomorrow – potentially – sees a trip to town for D and I as the majority of the school’s round here don’t break up until Wednesday, a good opportunity to have a low key look around before it gets busier.

I’ve just realised though that it’s summer sale time? Fingers crossed that D copes …

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