Report – Fri 15th July 2016

By | July 15, 2016

Its been a week of highs and lows, a week in which we’ve seen school reports for both T and D and a day in which the news reports have reminded us just how fragile life is and how senseless some individuals can be, in the name of religion.

Report is therefore our word of the week.

Because T and D are at two different schools – T at secondary mainstream, D at SN school – their school reports differs vastly.  

T’s was very number-focussed, his current assessment against national levels and what he’s expected to be at, at the end of his next school year, with no detail apart from those traffic-coded numbers.

D’s was 23 pages long and went into great detail about the curriculum, her strengths, weaknesses and expectations against her individual challenges (IEP), it made for very interesting reading and reinforced for us, that she is in the right setting for her.  The numbers were there too, but we don’t compare her to T or to what her peers in mainstream year 7 would be achieving, there’s no point, she is individual and meeting – if not exceeding – her individual expectations.

Proof, if we needed any further, that both of my very individual children are in the correct settings, T would fit into a SN environment no easier than D would mainstream.

Something I hadn’t blogged about, but alluded to, was that T has been on Behaviour report at school for the last three weeks, he was told yesterday that he’d be taken off today – the last day of term.  The circumstances around his being placed on report seemed overly harsh and I have wondered if his traits are fully taken into account.  It was also very challenging for him in certain lessons (eg food tech) where he had no desire to taste or prepare the food items but gave the prep a go, even if the end results never came home.   September will see him starting his exam subjects and that, together with a new form tutor, should see a renewed enthusiasm for T.

But for now, they both need to wind down and – hopefully – enjoy some sunshine in the next few weeks.  I’m still waiting to hear if my operation appeal is successful, if it is, it could happen at relatively short notice, so we are planning ad hoc activities, as and when (not easy at times).

An end picture to raise a smile, D’s class went on an outdoor activity trip yesterday and she managed her anxieties enough to try this:

Extremely proud of her and her brother, they both do well.

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rainbowsR2beautiful on 4th August 2016 at 5:27 pm.

It’s extra difficult with kids in different schools isn’t it! Sounds like some time out for everyone and s chance to relax would be good xxx


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