Remembering – Sun 3rd July 2016

By | July 3, 2016

I jinxed things last night, virtually as soon as I’d scheduled the post, D started to worry about her upcoming swimming event.

Not only is she heading off to a very unfamiliar place and she’s been told it’s a big pool but there’ll be other schools there and some of her classmates cheering her on – pressure! 

To try and alleviate her worries – after reassurances that “it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part” and she should enjoy her day (fingers crossed) – we had a trip down memory lane, remembering the programmes she loved to watch on CBeebies.

Gigglebiz was a firm favourite, still would seem to be for D, with the mere mention of Rapids Johnson, DIY Dan and Anne Teak (to name but a few) producing lots of smiles for our girl.  Which was lovely as her speech used to be extremely stilted, so we couldn’t have chats and giggles about the characters at the time.  

It made a welcome distraction for the day, which also brought an attempted hair trim for her (with wriggles) and a hair wash (with occasional moans), that’s how we roll.

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