Realistic – Thurs 28th July 2016 

By | July 28, 2016

I have kicked myself up the bottom this week, not literally but, it needed to be done.

I’ve been on tenterhooks waiting for an appeal decision about my proposed operation for a few weeks now, it’s made me not want to plan too far in advance, the thought that I’d get a phone call, have a pre-op appointment and then surgery – potentially – all within a week and a half of that call.

Naively I assumed that a decision would be reached by now – some three weeks since it was submitted.  I say naively because it’s impossible to get information about when appeal panels for the NHS meet as I can imagine they would be making some pretty tough life-impacting decisions at times.  I’m not greedy, if it was a choice between my funding and a child/cancer patient, then they should get the funding every time but it would be nice to know…

Anyway, my word for the week is:

Because now the afore-mentioned boot up the bottom has made me stop focussing on when I might hear about an appeal decision, it has to.

I don’t mean that I’d be constantly checking my phone and emails but my first thought on waking up was “I wonder if I’ll hear today…” and then I’d go to sleep disappointed that, yet again, I hadn’t heard.

Hubbie has a theory that the appeal wasn’t successful and they’re just putting off telling me but hopefully that’s not the case.

So, we are planning for next week at least.  A trip to D’s favourite SN playground with a friend next week and – if she feels up to it – maybe a trip to see Ice Age.  

But, what I’m not going to doing is wonder and wait for the phone anymore. If they do call next week, great, if it’s the week after, fine.  If it’s not until they go back to school, then that’s probably better as I could then – assuming it’s a “yes” – recover during the school day and reserve energy and my feet until they’re home.

I’m not going to be dictated to by something that might not happen.  

Happy thoughts!

It’s been lovely today to see D get stuck into these:

A box set of Enid Bylton books. A reward for a brilliant school report.  T’s had his reward too, a choice of bits from a sports website.

She had been getting anxious because her reading book at school had been one of these (Second Form at St Claire’s) and her teachers told her to borrow it from the library and read it over the summer, we hadn’t been able to find it in the library or local bookshop, so good old Amazon to the rescue.

D takes instructions to the letter so any other books wouldn’t do and, ever since school told her that Rainbow Magic books (which she loves) are “too easy” for her, she’s gone right off them. 

So, positivity rules here! How’s your week been? 

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