Positively Arty – Mon 11th July 2016

By | July 11, 2016

I’m going to focus on the positives tonight after a bit of an “episode” after school in which T upset his sister (D), this took a while to rectify, tears from D and made me a bit concerned for the onset of the summer holidays….anyway…..positivity…

D brought some of her artwork home today, she’s always loved to draw very detailed drawings but her work from school showed some more mediums, with really great positive messages.  It was lovely to have a look through them and, hopefully, once D is less stressed, she’ll give us her input on them as well.  Visuals are always very useful as talking prompts to enable more open-ended conversations – well beyond a couple of sentences anyway.

Over to some pictures:

This is my favourite of the bunch that came home.  I absolutely love the positive message in this.  The John Lewis tag in the pictures isn’t part of it, it’s masking her name:

Next up is something we’ll frame and use, a weather indicator, hopefully the arrow will be on “sun” for much of the summer…

Talking of weather, a rainy picture next, with painted effects and a lolly stick umbrella:

D’s attention to detail really comes through, doesn’t it?

Cloud watching and making potential shapes is something we’ll do on the walk home from school, especially if she’s tired and a bit emotional, it helps her to focus on something other than her anxieties (as long as it’s not raining!):

And a yarn picture.  We have plenty of yarn at home what with my hooking/needle projects, so I’m looking forward to doing some of these with D in the future.  Again, her details are lovely, with the little flower, the fish in the pond and a bird in the sky.

It’s also really good to know that she’s able to concentrate for longer having made these pictures, again, it paves the way for more craft activities, something which she didn’t always engage with previously as they took a while for results to emerge.

Yep, nice to have some positives ūüôā 

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