Noses and WIPs – Sun 31st July 2016

By | July 31, 2016

Weirdly, both T and D have had nose issues today, T’s came in the form of a nosebleed and D’s as a tender “nose hole” as she calls a nostril.  It’s made for a day of cuddles and reassurance for D and reassurance for T (who doesn’t like cuddles and didn’t like the way his nosebleed interfered with his headphones time).

It’s also the end of the month, so I thought I’d set out my various craft WIPs (Work In Progress) below and this might incentivise me to get some finished before the end of August, when I’ll do another update.

Some people de-stress by reading, some by gaming, my stress-reliever comes in the form of either a pair of needles, or a hook and some yarn (wool).  It’s very easy to (assuming the pattern isn’t complicated) crochet whilst cuddling/refereeing D or T.

So, what’s WIP at the moment, in no particular order?

1.  Premature/full term baby hats

I need to finish these off, adding in flowers/hearts depending on the gender.  The crochet group I go to, in term time, was asked to make some hats for SANDs – the stillbirth and neonatal death charity – and these are something that don’t take up much time and wool but, hopefully, help in a small way.  They are in varying sizes for obvious reasons. 

2.  A SANDS blanket

This might look strange but it’s worked corner to corner.  There is a crochet blanket pattern here and a knitted pattern here with an address for SANDS if anyone reading would like to join in.  I did try crocheting the blanket but didn’t feel confident with the pattern, so am knitting it.  Something I want to finish and take back to crochet group in September.

3.  D’s granny square blanket

This started as a way of using up little freebie balls of acrylic yarn, with any remainder going on SANDS baby hats.  It’s going to be bright and very “D”, with edging around each square in the pale pink/white yarn and then a border or two in the pink.  

4.  Sunshine and Showers CAL

This is a crochet-a-long (CAL) in Crochet Now magazine.  It looks a bit difficult in places and using a lot of stitches I haven’t used before.  I’m not rushing this and, as it will require concentration, I doubt I’ll get much done in August, I may be wrong though.

5.  An ombré top

This is fiddly to do, with yarns wrapping around and all sorts.  It’s a Debbie Bliss cottons pattern and the yarn is lovely to use, but again, needs concentration.  Concentration that I can’t guarantee in school holidays.  We’ll see what the next four weeks brings.

6.  A cardigan/dressing gown thingy 

This should definitely be done and dusted in August!  It just needs the ends sewing in, a belt and loops added and some buttons.  It’s made of really fleecy yarn and is for D.  She thinks it’s more of a dressing gown than a cardigan, which is fine, as long as she makes uses of it!  She’s never wanted woolly items before, as they’re too “itchy” so a fleece-type yarn seemed ideal.

T does not “do” wool at all, apart from hats, so that’s why he’s not in my WIP at the moment, although as the colder weather beckons, he will.

Hopefully my 31st August update will show some progress, I think I’ll have embarrassed myself if it hasn’t! 
That final image for Hubbie, no doubt he’ll nod and agree!

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