More than numbers – Fri 8th July 2016

By | July 8, 2016

D’s school report came home today, as well as notification of her teachers for next year.  I was surprised that they’re remaining the same but D seems very comfortable with that, her only remark being that she hopes she’ll stay in the same classroom (as the first day back in September is always a “which classroom am I in?”).   She’s also with at least one of her friends from this school year, I don’t know anymore detail ATM.

Her school report is always very detailed and sets out her progress against each of the subjects, as well as a grading.

I must admit, in previous years, this grading system has upset me, I couldn’t help comparing her grades against T’s and what I’d imagine her peers’ would be in mainstream.  I could hazard a guess as to her grading level but don’t want to, she’s in the right educational setting for her and is – the majority of the time – happy there and that’s enough for us.

The way that our children are treated as numbers, whether a budgetary figure or grading figure bugs me, if every child was seen as the individual they are, then it would be far less stressful for parents and carers, wouldn’t it? 

But, down from the soapbox and back to D, this quote from the report shone out and, in a week in which we were already proud of her, it’s made us even more so:

“We have really enjoyed teaching D**** this year, she is a very kind and polite member of the class who is a good role model to the other children. She gives 100% effort to everything she does and it has been lovely to see D**** continue in confidence and independence. Well done D****!”

The “we” is because she has two teachers, one for two days, the other for the remaining three.

With a week to go before the end of term, hopefully we’ll see T’s soon.  He’ll start his chosen options subjects from September so it would be good to know expectations etc.

Have a good weekend ūüôā 

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