Fortune? Fri 29th July 2016 

By | July 29, 2016

“An opportunity will present itself, you don’t have to miss”

One thing D does enjoy is heading off with Hubbie to pick up our chippy tea on a Friday.  It’s nice, it means that they have a bit of Dad-D time and, because D is invariably excited about clutching that warm bag of chips on the way back, she’s in a happy mood.

She also enjoys going because she usually gets a free Fortune Cookie, today’s is at the top of the page.  Sometimes they’re quite profound, sometimes amusing, but what D does do is take them extremely literally because they’re billed as “fortune”.

So…. I’ve explained it to her that, as we’re having a lift to the SN adventure playground next week, it must be that.

That’s easier for her to understand that my suggesting some opportunity which may, or may not, present itself.  But if there is something that comes up at school or another activity that she wants to do, but is anxious about, I can refer to this and, because the “fortune” is saying “do it”, she just might.  Maybe.

I remember having my fortune told before I had children.  It was an “experience” and I guess you interpret it how you wish but I do remember someone telling me that young women mostly want to know if they’ll have children and men want to know about their health, so I would think there’s a great deal of clues being picked up.   

All good fun, eh? 

I’m glad she didn’t get the one in the image below btw, a literal interpretation of that would be a challenge.

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