Empathy with Nanny McPhee – Sun 17th July 2016

By | July 17, 2016

D provided a touching little moment or two today, her understanding is ever growing and there was some empathy shown too, for the characters in Nanny McPhee.

“Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang” is one of our favourite films to watch together – what with the Raven partial to putty who saves the day, pigs who are a dab hand at synchronised swimming and, of course, the ever-changing Nanny McPhee – it doesn’t matter that D knows the script so well she will tell us in advance of every event, it’s something we can all watch together.

“…The Big Bang” was the second in the Nanny McPhee series, the first one being shown today.

D wasn’t so familiar with this one but soon embraced the plot, the smiling, dancing donkey making her laugh:

And the stepmother-to-be to the children making her worry:

It all ended extremely happily, with Nanny McPhee transformed (having done her duty) and the children very relieved with their new step-mother (not above).

D even shed a little tear at the end – and it was an emotional one – which was quite touching to see.  She was pleased at the ending and the music/scenery etc made for an unusual bit of empathy shown by our D.

She doesn’t notice if I’m unhappy (not that I am very often around her), but give her a film, “with words” as she likes the subtitles and perhaps the fact it’s not “real” and it affected her.

If you haven’t seen the films (and they’re regularly on ITV2), you must, they are a nice way to spend an afternoon when it’s too hot to be outside (something that doesn’t happen often) and it was too noisy outside anyway.

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