Cloud Fluff – Thurs 7th July 2016

By | July 7, 2016

I have two tired children here, desperate – like everyone else – for the end of term (8 days away and counting).

D is completely drained after Proms week last week and the adrenalin rush of Tuesday.  

She faced another challenge today, after being told yesterday that the governors would be in school today and would be watching PE.  This sent her into panic mode on the way home yesterday and this morning as her stranger-worries came through and she also got over-anxious that they’d watch her doing something wrong.

She eventually accepted my rationale that the governors would be watching how the teachers would be teaching and, if they were looking at the class, it would only be to see if they were enjoying themselves.  Tricky, these worries that rise up and overpower her, sometimes over an item that others would see an insignificant, to D it’s mega.

Anyway, home-time came and her worries had evaporated with the heat, it had all gone well, I even got a smile as she came down the stairs (now that may have been to do with the fact I’d promised her an ice cream from the van opposite school to give her something additional to focus on and look forward to, well it has to be done sometimes!)

Onwards to “cloud fluff” and an indicator of how relaxed she’d felt a bit later on… Hubbie had requested a haircut, so out came the clippers.  D used to hate the noise but, now she knows that they won’t be used on her, she’s okay with the “buzzzzzzzz”.  She’s always fascinated at how they work and watches the hair fall to the floor, which today reminded her of “cloud fluff”.

A good, imaginative way to describe the tumbling hair I thought, don’t you?

And just for the cuteness factor:

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