Wheeeeeee! Sat 25th June 2016

By | June 25, 2016

Today has been a day of fun, a time in which we blew away stresses for a while and just went “wheeeeeeee!”.

There’s D on the zip wire at our favourite place to visit, a SN playground about half an hour’s drive away.

I’ve mentioned it before, it’s a wonderfully inclusive place where the children feel secure to head off and play and their parents relax in this knowledge too.  It took me a good few visits to accept this, I’m so used to hovering in the background, waiting for either D to get anxious or react to something and then the enviable fallout afterwards.

Doesn’t she look happy?  If that picture had sound, it would have the sound of laughter.  There was more laughter as Hubbie and I had quite a few goes in it too, arms out, legs up as we whizzed along!  A really good stress-buster and much needed.

I’ve been quiet the past few days on here because I’d had some bad news on Wednesday, which left me extremely upset and just needed to step back from blogging and therefore prevent myself revisiting those feelings for a while.   It usually helps to “blog it out”, it wouldn’t have done this week.

Basically, I was all set to have surgery on my feet in mid July, the consultant had approved this gone and through options, I’d researched the before and aftercare and the pre-op appointment had come through (for this week).  More importantly, T and D were aware and understood that their Mumma would be a bit incapacited for a while, that was vital for me, that they understood.

Then I had a call to say that a panel – without even looking at X-rays – had rejected the funding for the op and it wouldn’t be happening, I was advised that my consultant would be appealing and told that I should too.

I’m afraid that it not only upset me because it would be so beneficial for my physical and emotional wellbeing but it brought back hidden memories of D’s SEN statement being rejected at the first attempt.  I felt very much at the time that she was just seen as a budget figure, without consideration of her wellbeing and I felt the same this week with regards to me.

I wasn’t a happy bunny at all but sought advice and my part of the appeal has now gone in, together with some gruesome photos.  So, we wait and see.

In the meantime though, today brought smiles and laughter, a chance to catch up with other SN parents and the joy in seeing our D extremely comfortable in a very accepting environment, it was a tonic that money just can’t buy.

One more picture, from the ball pit:

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xOjox on 25th June 2016 at 8:55 pm.

Sometimes it feels like our health is a lottery, doesn’t it. I have everything crossed for your appeal, lovely lady xx


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