The fun of the fair – Sat 18th June 2016

By | June 18, 2016

It was D’s school’s fair today, a change from usual in that it was outdoor activities, thankfully the rain stayed away.

D was really keen to go today when talking about it yesterday, but as the time grew nearer for us to leave, those anxieties set in.  She wanted to go, but didn’t.  She wasn’t keen on going back to school at the weekend.  She didn’t want a coat in case it rained, didn’t not want a coat, wasn’t sure about walking our usual way to school etc etc.

So, we got there about an hour after it started, which was okay as it was probably less busier than it would have been.

Things she enjoyed doing:

After some reluctance – because it was at a teacher – throwing wet sponges at someone in the “stocks”.  D, with her brill hand-eye co-ordination, got a shot right in the face!

Throwing beanbags at tin cans, again that hand-eye skill came in handy.

Having a look at creepy crawlies (tarantula, snakes, lizards and an albino hedgehog) and these:

Demonstrating how super speedy she is on the climbing frames and that, nope, she hasn’t got my fear of heights:

And face painting.  This again caused some anxieties as she wasn’t sure about having face paint on with her glasses, so, after some encouragement and help getting a nervous D there, this happened:

It was out of routine but well worth going, for the new experiences it gave her and a chance to see her happily in the playground setting.

We agreed that tortoises are pretty cool too.

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