Sports Day – Tues 21st June 2016

By | June 21, 2016

This happened today:

Our delighted girl.  A warm, smiling D with her “silver” medal after her team came second in the obstacle race relay, which was a lot of fun to watch.

She really wasn’t expecting a medal, bearing in mind that this was her first secondary sports day but, get her onto that track and the competitiveness rose up within her as the determination shone through on her face.  Well done D, she was the last relayer in her team and definitely helped to make up time.

That was this afternoon, a couple of hours of track races, in which the pupils sat in their “house” groups and a shed-load of good-natured cheering and clapping was heard.

This morning saw individual events such as gym equipment work, javelin, ball throwing and scootering, the latter being fab to watch as the children whizzed around a circuit, some showing dare-devil streaks but all mindful of each other, which is amazing considering they are all SN.

Our girl went around the circuit rather daintily and sang as she did so!

At one point this afternoon, she said to me “lots of people have taken my picture today, why’s that?” (She meant the school photographers) I replied that it was because she had been smiling all day, really tried hard at every event and looked as if she was enjoying herself, which wasn’t wrong.  

She did her best, everyone did.  It was a humbling experience to see every pupil having a go, some very obviously supported by TAs, others in wheelchairs, but they all did it.  

A fab pride-inducing day and the medal – to add to her collection – is an unexpected bonus.  

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