Sporting – Mon 20th June 2016

By | June 20, 2016

Mr Bluecrisps is watching the football downstairs, a certain England match.  It’s part and parcel of our life, he’ll watch football with T and D and I will have girlie chats upstairs because, as she’s always reminding me she doesn’t like football!

We’ve had some sporting type talks too, our girl and I, it’s her Sports Day tomorrow.  This was postponed from last week due to the rain and, as the rain pelted down this morning, I did wonder if there would be another postponement, hopefully not.

It will be D’s first secondary sports day, although she’s taller than a lot of pupils already, she’ll be one of the youngest on the field, having turned 12 a month ago.  

We always emphasise to her that “it’s not the winning but the taking part and having fun” and she’ll agree but …. get her on that field and that competitiveness roars up in her.  That and the need for a medal, she does like medals!  In previous years, she’s got so over wrought and worried that she won’t finish in the top three, that she’d attempt to crawl away, under spectators chairs, which was a little bit embarrassing for the people sitting on them, hopefully she’s outgrown that aspect as she’s likely to get stuck – unless she snakes it.  Fingers crossed.

It’s always a brill atmosphere at sports day with masses of cheering and clapping, last year the tug-of-war rope snapped mid-battle, which was unexpected but a lot of fun.  I think, looking back, that the postponement of this year’s contributed to a few jitters last week, hopefully they will all be abated tomorrow.

A proud pic from last year to end:

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