Result! – Weds 1st June 2016

By | June 1, 2016

I’m mega proud of D today, mega!

It has been a busy old day which has seen bus journeys, lots of strangers around and a fair bit of waiting around between various hospital appointments.  It was also injection day for her too – but her very last one, for hormonal issues anyway.

So, our girl has been poked with a needle, endured delays as we waited for my clinic appointment, then an X-ray for me, then a consultant chat and all the while, she either read her book or clung to me but she did it knowing that it wouldn’t be for long.  

Well done her! And me, actually, as it seems as though I’ll be under the knife this summer (gulp…but very worth it).

Afterwards, there was another bus journey and one of my favourite activities in John Lewis ever, browsing through the weird and wonderful items they have – crystal boxes, glass shells, marble artefacts and bells etc.  Things I love to do when and if I have a spare few moments in town and something D loved doing today too.  

And then another bus ride home and one tired girl.

It would be a lot to ask of any child, but chuck autism and sensory issues into the mix and it could have gone very differently.  It’s definitely been worth it though with results for us both.

These are the glass shells she absolutely loved today and we did hear the sea in them!

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