Masking It – Mon 27th June 2016

By | June 27, 2016

If you’re reading this as a fellow SN parent/carer, you’re probably very familiar with the fact that our children can mask emotions at school very effectively and then offload once home.

It’s something that I find it hard to make the teachers understand at times, that we’ll have anxieties from D all through an evening and a night, a really stressful walk to school and then she’ll go in and that mask comes down and she’s “fine”, until 3.15pm, that is.  

Well today, D “masked” things very well….literally.

I found it a tad ironic that the tshirt she was wearing today (above, from Next, it’s fab) had the hashtag Happiness when the wearer seemed anything but.  

Anyway, onto the first performance for D in Proms week and it was a class performance of the Star Wars Imperial Match.  All the children were wearing masks and this meant that D could hide behind this – and her hoody which she insisted on wearing zipped up, all day – whilst on stage.

It worked! And we had a bit of a cuddle and mask swap afterwards:

The mask stayed on as she came down at the end of school and on the way home, which was anxiety-ridden as our usual way is a mud-fest again.

One performance down, three to go.  I know she won’t have the security of a mask in the others but hopefully she’ll relax more, having got the first one out of the way.  Fingers crossed. 

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