Keep on – Fri 17th June 2016

By | June 17, 2016

I’ve felt a bit numb today, Kate (@kateonthinice) described it as a feeling similar to after David Bowie died, following the murder of Jo Cox yesterday.

 Her face smiling from the front pages of newspapers for an awful reason.  It’s tragic to think of the family, colleagues and friends left behind.  She seemed so passionate, so full of life, with such promise as an MP, she believed in what she said, unlike some.

A moment of madness by her murderer.  A nation left stunned.

I hope that her murderer provides answers, nothing that justify what he did but, he owes that to her family, to her children who must have gone off to school expecting to see their mum smiling at them at the end of their day, poor things.

I hope a “mental health” diagnosis isn’t given to her attacker.  He didn’t leave his home that morning just happening to carry weapons, there was intent.  People with mental health disorders aren’t routinely killers, they are very aware of what is right and what is wrong.  Yesterday’s attack has no justification, nothing “right” about it.

At D’s concert last night was a fellow SN mum, she’s a local councillor.  She’ll keep on, keeping on, we all must, for Jo Cox’s memory and all that she stood for.

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