It Got Better – Mon 6th June 2016

By | June 6, 2016

After D’s enthusiasm for returning to school yesterday, those anxieties returned again this morning.  

She was worried about the “hard work” she’d have to be doing.  She’s mentioned before that her small SN class is divided into three sets, I presume each with three children in and she’s in the one that gets the “hard work”.

So, this was D on the walk to school this morning, I asked for a smile and got a teensy one:

Those straps are her backpack, they got twisted and turned on the way to school, such were her worries.

Fast forward…… and a smiley girl came downstairs at the end of the day.  Smiley because they’d been practising singing for an upcoming event.


I’m no further on my “kick someone up the butt and make them accountable for our electrical issues”.  In fact, I was told that it’s not covered under buildings and contents, as well as home insurance.  Disappointingly.   However another call made might lead somewhere.  Fingers crossed that tomorrow might bring some news or another route to try, anyway.

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