Drumming – Weds 29th June 2016

By | June 29, 2016

Another day of Proms Week at D’s school and, after a performance-free day yesterday, today saw another one.  One that had seen a few nerves from D prior to getting to school but the picture below says it all really:

Our happy, smiling girl! No mask to hide behind today, she was going to enjoy herself.

And she did! She was part of a rhythm group drumming for over seven minutes (I know that as I videoed it for Hubbie).  It was loud, it was fast and everyone in the group drummed away harmoniously.  Some had tambourine-sized drums (which were far noisier than you’d imagine), others had huuuuge drums and D had a kind of middling-sized drum.  She had so much concentration on her face as she played.  

The rest of the performances were pretty amazing too, two older pupils stood up and sang songs they’d not only written themselves but also had played the instruments too as well.  Very very humbling when you consider that anxieties play a huge part.

The show ended with some animation from another older student, in the style of Morph, written, animated and voiced by him, the animations were short and extremely funny.  Wonderful to see just how far the pupils can achieve with brilliant guidance.

I know I occasionally have a little home-school communication moan but the dedication and patience of the subject staff, in particular music and PE for D, cannot be underestimated or faulted.

Tomorrow sees another Proms performance for D, well two actually! And luckily for me, they’re both in the same time allocation, so I’m not going back and forth.

It will be brill, I’m sure.

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