Coping – Fri 10th June 2016

By | June 10, 2016

Coping…something we do all the time, as parents, as individuals.

We just get on with it, whatever “it” may be, because that is what we have to do.  

I felt talked down to yesterday, during a phone conversation about our electricity situation.  I’m fed up with it now, fed up with the fact that no-one from our insurance companies will help, that just because the “dangerous” component in our house has been turned off, it doesn’t mean it’s sorted, although these companies seem to think it does.  

I’ve been passed from pillar to post, people might seem sympathetic on the other end of the phone but then there comes the “there’s nothing we can do” and then I’d either cry (which annoys me because it makes me feel weak) or I’d get angry, which doesn’t help anyone.

Yesterday, I was asked if I’d like social services to get involved, if I felt I “couldn’t cope”.  Cope with what? Believe me, battling through the educational system with two autistic children means that we’ve had far more stress than a “computer says no” person on the other end of the phone.  What, honestly would social services do to improve the leccy situation? I feel they’d only cause upset and potentially more stress and, like everyone tells us, the “dangerous” electricial element has been switched off.  

It made me feel that no one understands. And no one wants to help with the issue that needs it.  We’re lucky that it’s summer, that the weather is okay, there are people in far worse situations than us. 

We’ll cope, because that’s what we do.  Like everyone else does.

And now I’ve blogged out that silly suggestion made down to the phone to me, I’m moving on.

Have a fab weekend Jx 

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