Commentator D – Tues 28th June 2016

By | June 28, 2016

No Proms performances for D today at school and, as a result, we’ve had a quite relaxed girl after school, it’s been nice.

Part of our late afternoon routine is watching this:

D absolutely loves it, part of her fun is waiting to find out which Chaser will be taking part and hearing Bradley Walsh’s descriptions of them – he is a bit cheeky! – and D regularly giggles at the fact he regularly calls The Governess  by the nickname “Frosty Knickers”!

It’s also very useful for basic mental maths as she’ll add up any successful contestant’s totals and attempt to try and work out how much each would win.  For example, she worked out tonight that, with £14k in the prize fund and two players, each player could, potentially take home £7k.  It gets more complicated for her with more than two players or potential fractions, but we’re pleased she has a go.

Recently I downloaded the game as an app, much to her delight and she gets extremely enthusiastic if Hubbie or I have a go.

This is where her commentating comes in as she sits as close to the phone screen as she can, echoing the phrases that Bradley Walsh uses at each part of the show and getting really rather excited, even when we get “caught” by a Chaser.

I “won” once (just the once so far) and thought she would combust with joy!

(Shame it wasn’t real money!)

It’s a time where her love of “learnt script” does come through but we can’t help but smile at our eager girl as she commentates and tries out some basic mental maths.

She has said she’d love to go and watch the show, hopefully one day. 

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