Clunk – Sun 12th June 2016

By | June 12, 2016

Weeeeee clunk! 

That was the sound that D didn’t like today, the sound of wooden skittles being played over and over by T’s football team at his end of season presentation.

I could not have gone, could not have taken D, it would have been easier on her but there are so many occasions when I don’t see T play football, I don’t get to see his little smile as he interacts with his team mates, which meant I really wanted to be there.

To an outside person, it might as looked as though T wasn’t interacting, he tends to step back from the middle of a group and watch, occasionally smiling.  He has a fellow team mate he’s close to, also on the spectrum and coming from the same team last season so they tend to stick together, to be on the sidelines but gaining reassurance from each other being there.

Each parent had contributed some food and whilst his teammates tucked into anything and everything, T wouldn’t.  Whether it was that it wasn’t his “usual” food or that his sensory issues meant that he didn’t want the pastry savouries, pizza and meat sandwiches, I knew though that he wouldn’t have appreciated a lunch box from home.  D ate hers, well away from everyone else.  Not happy being there but tolerating it, coping. 

I tried tuning in to what her heightened senses must be picking up – that continuous skittle sound, the laugher of the boys as they played and the chatter of parents, all strangers to her.

She did well being there.  T did well too.  Another experience chalked up in a busy weekend.

I feel slightly guilty because D has an activity-filled week coming up, sports day on Tuesday (thunder and rain permitting) and then an evening singing concert at school, one in which she’ll stay at school after home time for rehearsals, have tea there and then the concert.  Big changes and challenges for her.

For now, though it’s looking forward to another Monday (not) and wishing our weekend hadn’t gone by so quickly!

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