Bring It On – Sun 5th June 2016

By | June 5, 2016

It’s not that often I look forward to a Monday morning, but I am tomorrow.

The children will head back to school –  one more reluctantly than the other – and I can then start to make some phone calls about our electricity situation.  These last few days haven’t been easy with the stress of our lack of supply, companies who see you as a policy number and not a family who’d really quite like to live safely in their house and children who over-worry when they hear things.  I had a little cry today – out of sight – sometimes it’s good to let those emotions out before they start snowballing inside.

Usually any anxiety-inducing calls would be made whilst they’re at school but, being half term, they were around.  At least tomorrow I can come back from dropping D off (who’ll no doubt skip into school, such is her eagerness!) and then start trying to get this sorted.   I’ll be able to really get quite cross – if I need to – without little ears.

So, that’s why I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Today, no phone calls as offices were closed, no mention of it (apart from when T totally ignored advice as we can only use one electrical appliance in the kitchen at a time and train a lead ones, that’s how silly it is at the moment) and D was her relaxed, cuddly almost-a-bit-squeaky self.  Happy.

Mind you, I have NO idea what she’ll answer to “what did you do last week?”…

As I say, Bring It On.  

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xOjox on 5th June 2016 at 9:53 pm.

Oh I hope you kick some serious butt tomorrow! They have been totally inconsiderate to your situation, but leading any family like this is xx


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