A touch of red – Mon 13th June 2016

By | June 13, 2016

My love affair with dying my hair started at secondary school, everyone was doing it.  Not the ombré looks you see today, nope my colour of choice was this:

Sometimes I’d stray to shade 104 but it was mostly 103a.  I got used to the hair dye smell and of course, using it month after month, year after year, meant that it would turn the shade on the box for a few days after colouring and then go a tad brassy.  Yep, just chuck over that leopard print and I could do a fine Bet Lynch, me.

That’s the way it was for yonks, occasionally having low lights put in but always reverting back to the blonde.  I couldn’t remember what my natural colour was, probably an ash type colour, quite similar to T’s.

Last year I had a combo colour, ash/brown/blonde:

Which is probably more or less my childhood colour but I had a hankering to go a bit darker.

I’d resisted previously as I have blue eyes and ash-ish eyebrows, I didn’t think I’d suit a darker colour but thought of Megan Fox and how she’s got blue eyes but totally rocks the darker colour:

Anyway, last week I did it.

It’s been fun, to say the least.  I’ve met people for meetings and not been recognised at first, others have done double-takes and said “oh, it is you!” and everyone has said how nice the colour is.  Brown with some auburn tinges.

Even D, bless her, I’ll tuck her in at night and she’ll say “I keep forgetting your new hair colour, it surprises me when you come in”.  She does like it though.  As do I.

I always use to think sticking with the blonde suited me, especially with my colouring, but I’m liking the new me.  

One thing I can’t let go off is my love of purple, the nail colour (or variations) will have to stay.

In autism parent news, it’s been a good start to the week – yay! – D’s sports day has moved to next week due to the weather forecast but she’s really quite relieved about it.  It gives her a chance to practise and focus on her singing concert on Thursday.

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