Withdrawn – Sat 14th May 2016

By | May 14, 2016

I had hoped the weekend would bring a calmer D and maybe some smiles, it wasn’t to be.

She’s said that she’s had backache but absolutely refuses to take any form of pain killer (eg calpol) because she doesn’t like the taste.  She hasn’t even wanted cuddles – which is most unusual.

I hoped having the paddling pool out might help, she usually loves to splash around in it and “practice” for her pantathlon final in July.  It didn’t help.  She huddled herself into a corner in the pool and cried.

It’s her birthday next week, with a pool party to go to next weekend, normally we’d be having excited little chats about both events, but not today.

I think it’s a combination of her back (to try and get calpol in whilst she’s unwilling involves a wrestling match and she’s strong now) and that the last two weeks have been an absolute rollercoaster emotion-wise.

Hopefully tomorrow will see a happier D, before the week starts all over again.

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