Volunteer – Sun 8th May 2016

By | May 8, 2016

Today was an absolute scorcher in Berkshire, I know it wasn’t so elsewhere.

This afternoon, our little water-loving mermaid has been splashing around in tbe pool, happy, laughing, enjoying the “yep, let’s water the garden from the paddling pool, again” moments.

A contrast from this morning when the whole family volunteered and pitched in to help in our local 10km fun run.   

Hubbie and T set off to the 5km water station point, with instructions given to T that he should only pour water over runners if they requested it … and a few did, apparently.

D and I headed to the start and finish line.

On reflection, I should have taken her little tent, it started off fairly quiet but as nearly 600 extremely warm and sweaty runners came through the finishing line, it got mega busy.  Mine and the rest of the volunteer’s roles were handing out goody bags and cups of water (yes, more water).

D did extremely well and took herself away from the masses and read her books, it did feel a bit “where’s my daughter, where’s my daughter?!?” until I could spot her in amongst everyone, sitting down, quietly reading.

As with any busy event though, D waits until it’s finished and then gets really annoyed – not a good idea in the heat.  Bless her, yes, I should have taken her tent, it really does help, I’ll remember for next time (in about a month, sorry D).

Thank goodness for the pool this afternoon and a chance to unwind whilst splashing – perfect.
The picture below was when we got there, just after the runners had set off.  It did not stay that quiet for long! 

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