Time Flies – Fri 20th May 2016 

By | May 20, 2016

Our lovely D,

“Time sure does fly fast” is something you say in the school holidays or at weekends, you’re right though, the last 12 years since you arrived in our lives – six days early – have simply flown by.

There was you and T, he’s always been so protective of you and still is, underneath the teenage mask he wears.

You’ve brought so much into our lives, from the challenges of autism to the absolute joys of your recent achievements in SN school.  You’ve made me a better person, a more stressed one at times, but you’ve made me think beyond whatever preconceptions I may have had about motherhood and how to stand up for you and your brother when I’ve needed to.

Today saw the last-but-one hospital appointment for your injections and then we went to your favourite shop, Hobbycraft.

There’s you and your proud Dad, being silly!

Another thing you’ve taught me is to live for the moment and not to sweat the small stuff.  Little things like the wrong  bread arriving in our shopping are nothing when I consider the educational battles we’ve fought and will continue to fight.  You’ve grown up from a toddler diagnosed with autism to a young lady with autism, you’ll get older but that won’t change.  You’ve already developed strategies for coping but sometimes you still get overwhelmed.

Many things make your dad and I very proud of you, but the main thing for me is how you’re described:

“a lovely girl”, “very polite”

I make sure that, if we’re out and being served, I say thank you and you do too, sometimes prompted, often not so.  We’ll walk into school and you’ll say “good morning”, it’s lovely.  

That also means that it’s getting easier to tell when you’re not so happy, when you want to bolt.  That occurs after you’ve built up emotion at school because sometimes your lack of confidence and politeness means that you don’t always say if something is bothering you – unless we’re home of course and then … whoosh! Eruption time.

But enough of that today.  You’re 12 today, almost a teenager.

You smiled when you saw your balloons and you’ve kept on smiling today.  You loved your presents and your main one – a flute – got played this morning and how much more confident you are with that too.

We are so proud of you, our D, never stop believing that. 

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