Splash! Sat 7th May 2016

By | May 7, 2016

Ooh, we all needed the weekend today, it’s been a rollercoaster week – as I’ve mentioned before.

The sun was out (still is as I write this) and sunny days mean one thing for D – getting the pool out!

She’s a funny thing, she’ll umm and aah beforehand, but give her two minutes in the water and she’s forgotten how cold she complained it was when she first got in, even requesting the hose to be directed at her and having a good old splash and enthusiastically giving the trees a bit of a drink! 

The pool is too small for her to practice in, obviously, but it did give me a chance to ask her what events she’d taken part in during the Panathlon.  Apparently it was mostly racing, using a float and kicking her legs as fast as she could and a game where they had to throw and catch a ball to each other.  Sounds good.

It was also a chance for the swimming towel she received to get used.  According to D, only those teams who won their day’s events got these, so it’s a lovely memento for her and a future conversational prompt, she also got given a swimming hat too.

T didn’t want to go into the pool, but did enjoy sitting outside in the sun, he’s a lot better today.
I’m glad today has been a relaxed one as tomorrow won’t be…more details then.

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