Puddle – Weds 11th May 2016

By | May 11, 2016

D’s need for routine has never been more apparent than this afternoon, potentially deviating from it caused a shed load of upset.

We usually have a lovely walk through the woods on the way to and from school, up until Monday, the earthy path was getting drier and drier and it was great to walk through and look out for ducks and flowers etc.

Then the rain came back.  Hubbie gave us a lift to school this morning so I wasn’t able to gauge just how water-logged our walk would be this afternoon, until I walked along it to her school.  It was flooded, the path in places under very deep water (not as deep as that Vicar of Dibley sketch, but deep).   

It would be better for us to take a different route home, we had a choice of two – past the busy primary school and then negotiating where the world and his wife seem to park or over a (potentially) muddy field.  

D chose our normal way, the flooded way.  She wouldn’t listen to any logical rationale behind why we shouldn’t go that way, she was prepared to bolt if we didn’t.

What’s the best choice then? My dragging (because it would have been) a D in more-than-likely meltdown past that school, past all those parents and pupils who’d stare, tut and whisper or getting soaked going our usual way.

We went the usual way, it wasn’t great.  We got soaked.  D still not receptive to reasoning behind why we should have gone the other way, she just wanted the reassurance of the routine, the walk that she knew.  Wet feet, socks and leggings didn’t seem to matter to her.

And tomorrow we’ll have to do it all again.  It’s going to take a while to dry out, for that water to go somewhere abs there’s no where for it to go.  

If she’s agreeable, she’ll have welly boots on tomorrow.  That will be another change but a necessary one.

A good day for ducks though, no doubt.

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Stephs Two Girls on 11th May 2016 at 9:30 pm.

Oh I totally get this where they cannot be reasoned with. And it is just better all round in the long run if you do what they need to do, even if sane people think you are crazy 😀


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