Preparing – Tues 31st May 2016 

By | May 31, 2016

Blimey, June 1st tomorrow, this year is whizzing by!

I hope tomorrow whizzes by too as it’s going to be a busy one for D and I, she’s okay (ish) about it at the moment.

Tomorrow sees us taking a trip to hospital, firstly we’ll meet a community nurse for D’s last monthly injection (hurrah, for the fact it’s the last one, not the fact that it will hurt her) and then we have an appointment for me.

My appointment is one that D is quite excited about because I may be having an X-ray.  D’s had two X-rays so far, one to check her bone age (as part of precocious puberty) and another after her fall from her trike nearly two years ago, the latter was to check her nose and cheekbones were okay.

So, she has lots of memories to draw on and the knowledge that an X-ray can be good fun, if you can see the results afterwards.  Hopefully she’ll be able to.

So, that all sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well, apart from the injection and the  inevitable waiting around there’ll be before and after my X-ray and then the appointment.  And we’re going by bus!

Lots of opportunities for sensory and other related issues to present but, knowing D, she’ll have a hefty bag of goodies, including books, her iPad and Bunny, all of which – I hope – will keep her occupied and able to “zone out” of all the noises and smells that a hospital brings.

The big advantage for having her injection tomorrow is that it’s during half term so it’s not as if she’ll have to head to school afterwards, we can cuddle as much as she needs to, which will help her.

At the moment, she’s making a loom band bracelet for the injection nurse, I’d asked if she would and she agreed because I know it’s been a strain for the nurse too, administering injections to a (really quite strong) girl who most definitely did not want them.  Hurrah for tomorrow and the last one! If it could stop raining too, that would be just fab! 

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