Phew – Tues 17th May 2016

By | May 17, 2016

We had a letter home from T’s school a few days ago, advising of the decisions over his Options choices.

T’s in his final term of year 8 and it all seemed a bit soon for these choices, until we were told that his school take exams a year early, presumably so that they can be retaken and grades improved the following year – which benefits both the students and the school grades, although I do wonder about the increased pressure on the children.  

T had had some well thought out rationale behind his choices and he was extremely lucky to receive first choice of subjects in all but one, he’d been keen to do a language and he’d been allocated his reserve topic, a coding type subject.

He wasn’t terribly impressed and we’d tried to put across that a coding qualification might be useful and I could draw on the fact that I have two language qualifications and, apart from being able to swear in those languages (useful if you hurt yourself and the children are in earshot), they haven’t really been used.

Anyway, he was resolute, so a quick exchange of emails to and from his school and it’s sorted, he can now do the language route instead.  Phew.  He’s pleased.

Which brings another challenge between now and the end of term, in that he doesn’t feel he should need to continue to work in those subjects he’s not taking to exam level – eg drama, music, cooking.

I can see why he’s thinking along those lines, I’d be feeling the same.  Hopefully, those feelings will be overtaken by an end of term countdown.

In the meantime, D is also counting down, she’s extremely smiley this week (I hope I haven’t just jinxed that!):

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