Outlet – Sun 15th May 2016

By | May 15, 2016

I was saddened to read today that a blogger  who I’d had the pleasure of meeting twice in real life (yes, it happens sometimes and it’s very nice) has taken the decision to leave her blog and social media because of another person.

It’s sad because I’ll miss interacting with her, as will many others, but it’s also a shame that this has happened because I would imagine that her blog, like mine and many other SN (special needs) parents, is an outlet for her.

A place which is our own, a place where sometimes it doesn’t matter if no one reacts to a post because it’s helped to write it all down.

SN parenting is tough, blooming tough at times.  You’d imagine that things could get easier once a professional tells you what diagnosis they’ve reached for your child?  Nope, that is when life can get harder as you come across other professionals who don’t accept the diagnosis, battles to get your child into an educational setting where they will actually learn as opposed to feeling overwhelmed and officials who don’t look beyond a budget figure as opposed to treating your child as individual.

And the future? Oh boy, you worry and worry.  Not just about where your child will live when grown up but how they’ll be treated by others.  The papers tell of absolutely awful instances of disability hate crime on individuals who haven’t done any harm, are singled out because they’re an easy target.

Sometimes a blog post can replace actually talking to another person in real life because there might not be anyone to talk to, who isn’t going to judge, who understands just how life can be with SN children.

Occasionally a blog post can alienate others but often a blog about a particular instance – whether it be positive or negative – can help, because the reader can know they’re not alone in having those feelings, those worries, those doubts or that feeling of so, so, so much pride that your heart wants to burst.  Immense pride if your child can done something which might seem insignificant to someone who doesn’t understand SN/autism etc. 

SN parents’ blogs don’t get the recognition that other blogs do.  There are baby blogs, beauty blogs, fashion blogs etc all serving their own purpose, bloggers who can write extremely well and no doubt make a useful income.  SN blogs have their own little niche.

I’ve always said that if one person, just one, reads a post and thinks “I’m not alone in how I’m feeling, that’s a bonus”, then job done for me.  It’s why I started blogging and why I don’t look at stats/rankings or expect to feature in anything really, because I blog to help me deal with life and hope that in my own little way, I can help others.

That’s why I felt sad today, because that lovely mum and blogger has been chased away, away from her outlet, I hope she comes back when she’s ready,  she has a LOT of support.

And I should mention that our day has been okay, our D has been smiling, splashing away in the pool and that’s felt a lot better. 

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