No Middle Ground – Tues 24th May 2016

By | May 24, 2016

Sorry, I wrote yesterday off as a definite “I don’t like Mondays” day.

D had taken part in a dance festival in the morning, reluctantly and with tears and it just emphasised to me how challenging she still finds situations, despite absolutely flourishing in other areas.

The music was great to hear, the other schools taking part were brilliant but D sat there, arms folded, head down, tears streaming and could not enjoy it.  It was a shame for her and another confirmation  to me that our girl – diagnosed at 4 years old – won’t “grow out” of autism, won’t be “cured” and that society won’t necessarily adapt for her.

I also found it quite upsetting that, because her school’s performance was last, quite a few parents only stayed to watch their children and left before the rest of the performances.  Maybe there were time constraints, maybe they didn’t want to stay and watch SN children performing, who went through so many challenges just to go into that busy, noisy sports hall.

And then later, I had the stress headache from hell, the kind of one that makes you want to rip your temples out to find out why it’s hurting so much, so phone screens/TV anything was just too much.   Hence no blog.

Today has seemed brighter, both head-wise and weather-wise, that always helps, a school walk without rain.   

D’s had a routine day today but tomorrow is all change again as her year group are off to see “Charlie and the chocolate factory” at the theatre!

It will be a “marmite” day for D, she’ll either love it or not, because there isn’t any middle ground for D.

Changes aplenty in that they’ll be leaving after lunch and not getting back until the evening.  Like I say, a Marmite day.   She’s already anxious about getting back late, “late” for her means missing tea and “late” for b e d, which causes no end of worry for her.

I hope she enjoys it.  Really do.

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