New Challenges – Sat 21st May 2016

By | May 21, 2016

Plenty of new experiences for D today and she rocked them!

We were off to a birthday party for a fellow SN pupil, somewhere we’d never been to before and the format would be something new too – a pool party!

There were quite a few challenges for D, the first being we had to get a train, the train journey was only about 8 minutes or so and going through two stations after our one.  She noticed that a lot of the stations ended in “…ham”, which caused her a lot of merriment.

Then we had to find the venue, after asking for directions and it was raining.  We could smell the chlorine of the venue before we arrived, again she found that extremely funny.

It was busy when we arrived – gulp – but our lovely hosts soon arrived and said that the party would have the pool to themselves, yippee!   And they did.

D was the only girl in the group and she didn’t seem to mind this.  I love that she’s growing up with no worries about her shape, she has a tshirt and shorts type swimming costume and was soon joining in, really enjoying it.  There was a really good ratio of lifeguards and pool party helpers too.

The only time she got annoyed with me was when everyone had gone off to get changed for some cake and I hadn’t registered that this was happening, there were scowls, folded arms and some angry words from her but all okay in the end.

We got a lift home too, which was fab.

I’m glad these new experiences were so successful, I think we’ve found a new SN-friendly place to visit and maybe have a birthday party there in the future.  Great stuff.

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Caroline Elliott on 3rd June 2016 at 6:30 am.

Sounds great and like D is handling things so well xx


Sarah MumofThree World on 3rd June 2016 at 4:34 pm.

That’s really good! Sounds like she coped with a lot of new experiences at once there and really enjoyed it. I bet you were proud 🙂


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