Mr Worry – #WOTW and #R2BC 

By | May 26, 2016

It’s far to say that we have more than our share of anxieties in this house, my children can worry as if it were an Olympic sport …. and then some.  It seems to (at times) part and parcel of autism parenting but we persevere and hope that a new day brings a new perspective.

It hasn’t this week and therefore my Word for the Week is:

(Which is two words, granted, but you know, author’s prerogative)

It has been a week of worries for the children, worries about upcoming events and things past (which really don’t need to be worried about).

Worries for my self-employed Hubbie when cash flow slows right down.

A mega horrible stress headache for me which was been on and off this week.  I’ve wanted to get to my temples with a can opener and just …. release it all.

But, there is a reason to be cheerful and it is this….

It’s half term next week!!! Yippee.

Short but sweet cos I don’t like to moan, have a fab long weekend X 

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