Morfo-d – Tues 10th May 2016

By | May 10, 2016

Uber proud of D tonight, we had one of those evenings where both Hubbie and I had meetings and she had to go with one of us.

Would it be the football with her dad or representing the club at a council meeting with me? The answer was me, which I was kind of relieved about as I could be with her.

So, we got there early.  We sat at the back and she did these:

This is me with a “disgust” face, apparently, although I’ve just noticed she captioned it:

Chocolate face:

And, according to D, I’m surprised in this, although it looks very much like me in the morning!:

Aren’t apps wonderful?  This little game occupied her nicely whilst her nervous mum headed up with someone else from the club to collect a cheque and say a few words.

It’s done.  We’re home.  I’m mega proud of her and a teensy bit proud of me too.  For reasons best known to myself, I take myself waaaaaay out of my comfort zone at times!! 

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xOjox on 11th May 2016 at 10:58 am.

I think a little play may have helped you both, in this situation! x


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