Ish – Sun 22nd May 2016

By | May 22, 2016

Oooh, the last week of school coming up before half term and it’s a busy one.  Making my head spin a bit just thinking about it, so goodness knows what it’s doing to her! 

It’s all really good opportunities though.

Tomorrow, she’s taking part in a dance festival, how fab is that? A two hour festival first thing and ….. yippee …. parents can go and watch.  I know that the dance they’re doing has involved lots and lots of practise and calm encouragement, so it will be wonderful to see.  If nerves overtake and she doesn’t join in, that’s fine, it happens.

Wednesday, her class are heading off to the theatre, again, how brilliant.  It will be a late return and she does get worried that she’ll have missed tea/bedtime so that may be a challenge but I hope all the children enjoy it.

And then Friday, they’re having a birthday party for the Queen! D fully expects QE2 to make an appearance, after all it’s a party for her, but I’ve said it’s very unlikely that the birthday girl will be there! 

A busy week and therefore we’ve tried to keep today calm and quiet, it mostly worked until she got extremely stressed over her reading book – her reading was fine, she just got very worried about it all.

Ish, therefore, describes our day.  I’m hoping her week ahead is just as wonderful as it sounds, at least she’ll have half term to recover and regroup a bit!

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